An AWA RT85 radio

Shortly after getting my amateur radio license, I bought an old AWA RT85 2m radio from my club. It was already programmed for the local (VK2) repeaters, and all was good. Then I moved interstate, and the radio has been collecting the proverbial dust ever since.

I recently decided to get it back in service, which mainly means reprogramming it to local (VK7) channels.

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Our house water comes from a rain water tank. In dry weather, we need to get it topped up. While I enjoy tapping the side of the tank, I’d rather have a smoother system to know when to order a water delivery. The end goal is to have this reporting to HomeAssistant. I have an Ethernet cable going to the water tank, and a PoE switch, so the plan is to control and power the whole monitoring system with one cable.

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