An AWA RT85 radio

Shortly after getting my amateur radio license, I bought an old AWA RT85 2m radio from my club. It was already programmed for the local (VK2) repeaters, and all was good. Then I moved interstate, and the radio has been collecting the proverbial dust ever since.

I recently decided to get it back in service, which mainly means reprogramming it to local (VK7) channels.

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An interactive git rebase

I recently happened upon an article by Julia Evans on what can go wrong when rebasing in Git. This made me realise that I should probably talk about my favourite, yet obscure, Git feature.

When using commit you can use --fixup <commitid> or --squash <commitid> to create a commit that can be automatically fixup’d or squashed on the next rebase with --autosquash. This is handy, but you need to know the commitid beforehand.

There is a type of refspec that can resolve a regular expression to the commitid of a matching commit: :/<RegExp>. This will find the ID of the most recent commit (not necessarily on your current branch) with message matching /<RegExp>/, and resolve to that.

It’s a killer feature with --fixup and --squash: in a pinch, you can create fixes to past commits that

  1. you only vaguely remember the message of, and
  2. Git can automatically move (autosquash) in the next interactive rebase.
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At the time of this writing, this blog runs on a Bitnami WordPress image, but I have changed the configuration to run multiple sites (WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE and MULTISITE in the wp-config.php). I realised I had issues running scheduled events using DISABLE_WP_CRON when the ActivityPub plugin failed to send new posts to subscribers. This was confirmed by the site health dashboard, indicating that scheduled events were late.

As it turns out, when manually running the script with sudo -u daemon /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /opt/bitnami/wordpress/wp-cron.php (with WP_DEBUG enabled) complains of an undeclared HTTP_HOST, and terminates quickly. As soon as I set that variable in the environment and reran the script, the warning was gone, and the script took longer to run. All my recent post also made it to the fediverse!

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Our house water comes from a rain water tank. In dry weather, we need to get it topped up. While I enjoy tapping the side of the tank, I’d rather have a smoother system to know when to order a water delivery. The end goal is to have this reporting to HomeAssistant. I have an Ethernet cable going to the water tank, and a PoE switch, so the plan is to control and power the whole monitoring system with one cable.

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I’ve never had a personal Twitter account, mainly for fear of the time sink and doom-scrolling. I wanted to avoid both. I recently obtained an invite to BlueSky, which I took, out of curiosity. The next obvious thing to do was to open an account on the Fediverse, and use that (I had one on a self-hosted Nextcloud Social instance, but the server is now firewalled, so not quite social enough).

I quite like the liveliness and congeniality of the discussion there, and I was glad to find a few familiar faces, some that I have been following for decades before. It’s nice to receive everything in one place. Though it does revive my fears of time-sink.

This blog is now also a node in the fediverse, you can follow what I post here at When thinking more about how to make it useful, I also realised that I have a number of ongoing projects that I work on-and-off on. So far, I have been keeping progress notes, and writing a longer blog post in the end. With this integration with the Fediverse, I want to try something new, posting quick updates about progress, blockers and discoveries.

I’ll use the freshly minted µblog category, along with a tag per project, to classify those posts. They will not be displayed on the main page, but will pushed via the fediverse to willing followers. I’ll still write full articles in the end