In September last year, the Free Software Sydney meet-up group had an inaugural Jitsi Meet videoconference.

My (longer-than-planned) contribution to the conference aimed at introducing trust and security concepts, mainly in showing the prevalent role of hashes, and covered public-key cryptography uses, GPG, SSL CAs, trusting trust and reproducible builds.

The whole video of the conference, also covering Free Software and Tor, can be found on the page of the event. PDF slides are available here.

As a side note, thanks to this post, here’s a quick way to extract a clip off a longer video with ffmpeg. I did however have to fiddle with the time to seek to, and ended up seeking to about 10 minutes before the actual time of the beginning of the segment.

ffmpeg -ss 00:10:00 -i Free_Software_Sydney_Web_Conference_September_2015-BJ0Y9YVRg3A.medium.webm -ss 00:13:23 -t 00:56:16 -c copy 2015-09-10mehani_security_considerations_building_trust.webm

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