In September last year, the Free Software Sydney meet-up group had an inaugural Jitsi Meet videoconference.

My (longer-than-planned) contribution to the conference aimed at introducing trust and security concepts, mainly in showing the prevalent role of hashes, and covered public-key cryptography uses, GPG, SSL CAs, trusting trust and reproducible builds.

[videojs webm=”/wp-content/uploads/manual/2015-09-10mehani_security_considerations_building_trust.webm” preload=”true” autoplay=”false”]

The whole video of the conference, also covering Free Software and Tor, can be found on the page of the event. PDF slides are available here.

As a side note, thanks to this post, here’s a quick way to extract a clip off a longer video with ffmpeg. I did however have to fiddle with the time to seek to, and ended up seeking to about 10 minutes before the actual time of the beginning of the segment.

ffmpeg -ss 00:10:00 -i Free_Software_Sydney_Web_Conference_September_2015-BJ0Y9YVRg3A.medium.webm -ss 00:13:23 -t 00:56:16 -c copy 2015-09-10mehani_security_considerations_building_trust.webm

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