A few years back, I got a Pebble Steel. Some years later, I also got myself a Leatherman Tread LT. The two obviously needed to be put together, using the Tread as the watchband for the Pebble. Unfortunately, the Pebble had a weird band attachment, which led me to try to mush two Thingiverse designs (a Pebble NATO attachment and a Tread watch attachment) into something that almost worked. Ultimately the plastic proved too brittle, and I got distracted by other things.

Fast forward a few years, and my Pebble, quite sadly, is a bit unhealthy. As a replacement, I received a Watchy with an Armadillonium case. So the question reemerged. This time, I pushed back the not-invented-here syndrome, and looked around for existing solutions. I discovered ChronoLinks, which looked perfect, but I wasn’t sure whether they would fit my case. At the price tag, I didn’t want to risk it.

Ultimately, I resorted to searching on eBay, then AliBaba, and found something that looked like it would do the job, at a price that wouldn’t make me too sad if it didn’t.

tl;dr: It did! (mostly)

A Watchy Armadillonium with a Leatherman Tread LT watchband.

I found some adapters on AliExpress. There are many options (including many knock-off Treads), but I lucked out on my first try with the following options.

  • For 2.45cm Bracelet
  • For 24mm Watch

It mostly works, barring two details.

The links fit very very tightly in the case. The little holes for the springs could not be any further in, or any closer to the back of the case. Actually, it is so tight that it’s impossible for the link to be fully flat with the back of the case, but this is not an issue when wearing the watch. Moreover, after wearing the watch for some time, the tightness resolved.

The 2.45cm width does NOT actually match the Leatherman Tread LT links. They are ~17mm wide, but this was not an option for this particular set of links. Fortunately, the attachments still fit, but there’s a bit of wobble (which can probably be addressed with small washers), and the screws cannot go all the way into the link. This makes the attachment of the link a bit stiff. However, once again, it’s not an issue when wearing the watch.

I have scouted out for some washers. I’m not sure if I need M2.5 or M3. As I measured the screws as 2.58mm (good ID with M2.5), and the links as 6.28mm (OD larger than M2.5, but smaller than M3). I ordered both, so I can test it out. Ultimately, the M2.5 were too small, and the M3 were juuuust fine. At 1mm thickness, I ended up putting 5 (2+3, because I only had 10) on each end of the Tread.

Once adjusted, I pretty much have as many links in the wrist band, as I have out on the side. I’m now tempted to get a second clasp, and make a second wristband with the rest. Perhaps I could revive the Pebble (it has shown signs of life)!

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